Aqara single in-box switch without N

Single-channel ZigBee switch module to control any electrical device. Requires Aqara Hub.

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The Aqara One-way Relay Module in-wall switch is one of the Aqara devices which, thanks to its properties, can turn virtually any traditional connected device into a modern gadget. The Aqara relay is perfect for adaptation in places where classic SmartHome devices cannot be used. The module can work with the switch and open / close the circuit. Each of us knows a situation in which you leave the house in a hurry, and halfway to work you wonder if you turned off the iron. We know how much stress it costs, especially when no one is home anymore. In this case, you can turn them off remotely with just one touch of your finger. You can also program the relay in such a way that it activates the equipment at a specific time, e.g. a coffee machine, a radio or a lamp. In addition, it gives you full control over the power consumption of the connected device - advanced technology tracks the current consumption and allows you to monitor everything on your smartphone.

It requires an old type electrical installation with only the L cable in the box and the AQARA HUB to operate.


Data sheet

43 x 40 x 21 mm
Working temperature
5°C ~ 35°C
Working humidity
5 - 95% RH, bez kondensacji
Communication protocol
ZigBee 3.0
100 - 240V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz
max 5A, min 3W, max 1250W